Saturday, October 11, 2008

Halloween Contest 2008

The Society of Student Illustrators is hosting our first Halloween Contest. Its simple create a piece that embodies the phrase "trick or treat". When you think of Halloween monsters and zombies gorging on human flesh come into mind, naturally. Just try to keep the gore to a minimum. Think of the kids. Submissions will be posted on the blog and judged by you. Winner will receive a $ 25 gift card to Art Supply Warehouse, and more importantly bragging rights for the semester. Are you excited, read the details then get started

-Theme: "trick or treat"
-Submissions must include the phrase "TRICK OR TREAT"
-DEADLINE OCT. 29th 2008

- size 4x5(postcard size)
- color or bw accepted
- any medium...paint, graphite, ink, digital, clay, blood, its up to you maybe not the last one
-be creative ( a must)

- pdf, or tiff file format
-send a 72 dpi file to be judged, if submission is voted as favorite then you will be asked to submit a 300 dpi file

Include with submissions
-website( you want to have public)
-send submissions to


Once all submission are in and posted, we ask that you email us with your name and which ONE you vote for by OCT 31st.

After all the voting is in and tallied, we will post and email ze winner!

There are also "secret prizes" for the runner-ups. So submit and get stuff!

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