Thursday, November 27, 2008

CSULB Holiday Sale

SSI will be participating at this years HOLIDAY SALE. Basically all different types of art(ceramics, wood, photography, prints,textiles, jewelry, drawings, paintings, illustrations) are gathered and sold. All four galleries are packed with arty goodness Dec 7 through Dec 11. The Potter's Guild has been putting on this event for 41 years now and its about time Illustration gets involved. If you have art you want to sell read the submission details below. Space is limited so nothing gigantic please. Deadline is Quick so make arrangments if you want to have work printed in time. I want to gauge how many people are interested so if you are please send an email with the number of pieces you are thinking about selling.

41st annual CSULB Holiday Sale
When: Sunday, December 7 through Thursday, December 11
Sale times:
Dec 7: 4-7pm
Dec 8-11: 10 am-7pm

Deadline to submit work for event: Wed Dec 3rd
Drop off time/location: 12:00pm-4:00pm/ Illustration Computer Lab

Framing/ Matting
all 2d art must be framed or matted

check out the Graphic Artist Guild's pricing and ethical guidelines book if you are not sure what to charge
No item can be priced lower than $5 or you will spontaneously combust

20% of OVERALL sales will be deducted so we can pay the piper
15%- Potters Guild( the Potters Guild books and runs the event)
5%- will be donated to SSI( better food at club meetings and because we said so)

Want more details?
email :

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